About Us


Our Breeding Philosophy

First and foremost, I believe all dogs should be intelligent and eager. They should be stable enough to be loving, loyal family dogs. They should be strong and smart, not aggressive and unmanageable. However, I cannot emphasize enough the importance of obedience training, socialization, discipline and patience in raising a puppy.

I have been breeding German Shepherd Dogs for over 25 years. I first started breeding while my children were quite young. The boys were raised with a German Shepherd by their sides at all times. The security a parent feels having the protection of a loyal companion watching over their children is immeasurable. Therefore, I have always bred my shepherds with the family in mind.

Our Puppy Raising Philosophy

My kennel environment is designed to stimulate and challenge the young minds of the puppies. They interact daily with an abundance of toys and new objects. They are continuosly handled by children as well as adults, and praised for positive behavior. I beleive this is crucial for proper development socially, physically and mentally. In addition, we socialize all of our pups at our daycare with 32 children…ages 6 weeks to 6 years. The children and pups are monitored closesly to ensure a safe environment for both. Pups learn quickly how much fun children can be!! Click on our “A Day at Daycare” page to see pictures of the interaction.

My dogs and puppies are kept in a climate controlled, immaculate, parasite free housing. I have indoor/outdoor runs so that they may be exposed to both areas. This is how housebreaking begins. Even though the pup you acquire is young and not completely housebroken, they are on there way …. by the time they are ready to go.

Our Goal

Has always been to provide the family with a happy, healthy, loving dog. It is imperative that the pup be socialized, trained and discipline to continue to achieve our goal.