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“In 2004 we purchased a German Shepherd puppy from Briarbrook Kennel. Our beloved Geselle picked us out late June at the age of 6 weeks old. We had to wait 2 weeks to bring her home. Our name was taken and put on her collar. We picked he up two weeks later. That was 10 years ago. Geselle continues to be an awesome dog for us today. The kennel was clean and the dogs were well taken care of both times we visited the kennel. These folks do a great job with really nice dogs. Kruz is Geselle’s daddy, Morgan was her mom. We highly recommend this line and this kennel.”

Tom | May, 2014

“Good evening. Martha and I just wanted to let you know that we are thoroughly enjoying Teddy Bear Puppy aka Snooky. We cannot thank you enough……….We feel that he’s happy with us also and he has adjusted very well. Snooky’s a great little guy and a bundle of joy. We really sensed a sincere care that you have in your dogs and we would recommend you anytime.”

Dennis | May, 2014

“We have had four yorkies before we got FiFi she has got to be the best one we ever had she loves everyone and all dogs The Briarbrook Kennels have great dogs there place was very clean and they love there dogs. The people were and friendly and great with animals . We love FiFi and would tell anyone to buy a dog there .”

Esther & Tom | March, 2014

“Purchased 4 month old Shiba Inu pup a few weeks ago. I have owned Shiba Inus in the past and find this pup one of the easiest to train and well mannered yet! Not only does she have a clean bill of health but also came to me free of parasites and fleas! I found the kennels to be clean and staff very friendly. Thanks to everyone at Briarbrook for a wonderful experience and smooth transaction”

DJ Davidson | March, 2014

“My husband & I purchased a German Shepard from Briarbrooks Kennels in 2010
She is a great dog and I believe a lot of that comes from the atmosphere at the kennel.
It was a nice day and while we were there, the puppy were playing together outside.
Ruby Ann is a healthy, well-mannered Shepard, loves kids, although we do not have any
in the home, she has fun playing with kids that visit.
I know Monique personally, she is very devoted to her animals, loves them all.
I recommend people to Briarbrook all the time and will purchase from Monique again.”

Margo | March, 2014

“Well let me begin how I came about getting our sweetheart Sugar!
We had a Papillon named Happy that had passed away from a heart attack and I was working my second job as a Supervisor at a drug store and I was talking to this customer and mentioned that I lost my dog and was looking for a small dog. She game me Briarbrook Kennels number and I called. Well I made an appointment to go and see the puppy so my son and I went. To be honest when I first saw sugar she scared me because she was just so tiny. When we left I kept saying to my son she is so small don’t really know if we should buy her. It took me about three weeks when they emailed me and told me she is at the right weight to go. I then decided to purchase her. So I picked her up and it was the best decision I could of made.
She is the best, her disposition is so sweet and loving, any person that comes in contact with her loves her, the vet wanted to take her home, never happen :-)
I thank Briarbrook for giving me such a beautiful dog and taking such good care of her before we picked her up. They are the best and would recommend them to anyone.”

Donna | March, 2014

“I just wanted to say thanks again for providing such a great adoption experience!! We are completely in love with our pup (we named him Montego and are calling him Monty)! I wanted to send along a few pictures of him settling in to his new life with us!!! Thanks so much!”

Sara, Mitchell, and Monty | February, 2014

“Hi! Libby is a gem. She is doing really well. In one week, is sleeping in her crate at night, finding door to go out, normal diet (weaned off of yogurt), happy, loving, very smart.

The most amazing part are her natural instincts coming out. We had a boar goat deliver early this week. Rick had to bring the newborn in overnight and bottle feed her. Libby kept nuzzling the baby, kissing her. We were all eating breakfast the next morning and Libby had gone back to our mudroom where the goat was sleeping. We found Libby sitting at attention next to the box. She wouldn’t leave the baby goat alone. Already shepherding! It was adorable.”

Ann | February, 2014

“Sherlock is doing very well, he went to the Vet’s Monday for his shot. He weights over 3 lbs. now . right now still working on potty training& biting hands. He’ll do great at potty training then pee right in front of us on the rug! He plays fetch very well at fetch, and comes when called if he isn’t already 3 inches from one of us. He likes the o utside for about a max of 8 minutes then I have to pick him up and put him inside my jacket( even though he has his coat on) and warm him up then take him in. We love him very much- just trying to make sure he becomes well trained.”

Sandy | February, 2014

I purchased a Yorkie puppy from you two years ago. (She’s just a doll!)”

Andrea | February, 2014

“My husband and I just bought a maltese from Briarbrook Kennels and we couldn’t be happier. This puppy, now name Zeus, has already filled a void left by the passing of our 12 year old Maltese. The kennels were very clean and I would definitely purchase again from this seller. If we had been able to afford it we would have bought two, but alas the idea of b1g1 doesn’t work on puppies lol.”

Cyndi | July, 2012

“My boyfriend and I adopted a yorkshire terrier from Briarbrook Kennel last November. The Kennel was very clean and the staff very friendly. Our puppy, Walker, was healthy and happy, and still is! We just celebrated his 1st birthday, and can’t wait to celebrate many more with him!”

Allie | May, 2012

“this is a very clean kennel with very well taken care of pups. bought a maltese from there before christmas and was very pleased with how clean it was. the puppy was also clean and healthy. we were allowed to visit with a few pups to choose which one we wanted.. we chose the smallest one, the lady we talked to said he had to stay an extra couple weeks because he was so small they wanted to make sure he was ready to go and wouldn’t have any problems.. i think other breeders would have tried to just get him out of there even tho he was small.. it was perfectly clean and the pups looked great”

Lovemygirlfriend | May, 2012

” have read sooo many bad reviews of this kennel, and I hate that only the bad things are usually put online.. so I am going to tell MY EXPERIENCE with this business. I have been to Briarbrook Kennel multiple times now and everytime i have gone the facility has been clean! Of course it smells of dog, its a kennel.. there are dogs lol but it was very very cleaned and smelled way better than other kennels I have been to! The puppies I looked at, which were of all breeds and ages since my family and I could not choose what we wanted, were HEALTHY and social! Some of them were really outgoing and some of them were shy, but some puppies can be shy!! NONE of them were afraid of us or the children.. The staff was also very nice and answered many questions we had.. there are other rooms connected to the one we visited the puppies in and they were open so we could see in and those rooms were also CLEAN. They have adult dogs outside, those were also CLEAN! We looked at German Shepherds mostly and one of the puppies was from another breeder, we were allowed to talk to the owner of the facility about the breeder he came from and the puppies parents etc… and she was very open about it all.. we also looked at the parents of the puppies that were born there and they were beautiful dogs! They were brushed, and smelled good… not like I expected of a “kennel dog”. My extended family has also been there before and also has nothing but good things to say! Well, that is my experience.. I love my dog, Gunner, and will always be thankful to Briarbrook for him.”

BoxerLover2 | January, 2012

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